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The ingredients needed to make Gujiya:
  1. You need for dough
  2. Provide 100 gm R.flour
  3. Provide 1 tsp baking soda
  4. Prepare As needed Oil
  5. You need 500 ml Water
  6. Get 2-3 tbs Milk
  7. Prepare for gujiya mixture
  8. You need as needed Milk
  9. Get 100 gm Mawa/khoya
  10. Get 100 gm Sooji
  11. Use 5-6 pieces Almonds
  12. Use 5-6 pieces Cashew
  13. Get 1/4 cup sugar syrup
  14. Use 10-12 pieces Raisins
  15. You need 1/4 cup dry Coconut
  16. Use 1-2 Tsp Green Cardamom powder
Instructions to make Gujiya:
  1. Arrange all the ingredients
  2. For dough
  3. Take a bowl add R.flour to it,add baking soda, milk 2 spoon, and mix it now put water slowly and mix it simultaneously.
  4. After making dough keep it aside by covering it.
  5. Gujiya mixture
  6. Add dry coconut and mawa in a pan and Toast it for 15 minute at low flame
  7. Empty that pan and put sooji and Toast it until it became light Brown in colour add mawa to it and mixt it.
  8. Take a sperate pan and put all the nuts and Toast them on medium flame until their aroma come after that cool it and mix it into the mawa and sooji mixture
  9. Now add sugar to small quantity water to make sugar liquid
  10. Now add liquid sugar to mawa mixture and add Raisins,green Cardamom powder. If the mixture is dry then add some milk
  11. Now make a disc of dough and put the mixture between the dice and fold the dice in half moon like structure by using mould or by hands
  12. After that, put it into oil (deep Fry).
  13. It is a sweet dessert.it can be served hot or… mostly cold.

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